Life has a lot to do with rules design, playtesting, revised rules design and more playtesting these days. Note: this is not a complaint. This is a good thing.


I guess I should start by introducing myself.

While Zack is the commander-in-chief of Winter Night's interactive division (with me being the head flunky), I am the great-and-omniscient-leader of the tabletop division (with Zack being lead gopher). We use the word "division" pretty loosely, as we have some pretty fuzzy lines around here, and we feel like we're more united than divided. But the point is, we bring different experiences and specialties to the table, and we've found that though these are a bit different, they're turning out to be complementary.

While up to this point we've been speaking in broad, vague terms, we do have some pretty big news coming up soon. We're just working out how to present it to you. News from both the interactive AND tabletop "divisions".

Fun times around here right now. Stay tuned, won't ya?