In the beginning...

The original Creator of all reality is not an omniscient, benevolent or malevolent being. It is a mindless engine of creation and destruction. The very manifestation of chaos. It is Z'zhuul. It exists at the very center of all existence, and between all other universes. This place is known as Primo Regni. Its first lasting creations were the Excubiae. These beings were almost as powerful, but gifted with varying levels of rationality and free thought. They quickly set about constructing their own Realms and combined their gifts to seal these Realms away from the chaotic, destructive nature of their Creator, while still accessing the power they receive from it. They filled their Realms with creations of their own, and their creations created their own subjects, down to the lowliest of beings.

As is true with many offspring, a competitive dynamic developed between these "siblings", and there are alliances and battles among the six and their followers. All while the swirling chaos outside their gates constantly births new life and swallows old, swelling to gain entry.




Stay tuned.  We've already introduced you to Z'zhuul, and will be shining the spotlight on each of the Realms as well as their reigning Excubiae in the days ahead!