Sceptrum's evolution can be easily and clearly traced, much like the rings within the trunk of a felled tree. This Realm is a perfect sphere, easily the size of a Celestial galaxy, floating within an endless void. This sphere contains many sequentially smaller concentric spheres, the oldest of which being the innermost, smallest one, which surrounds the Excubia who created Sceptrum: Uthrasa. She floats within the very center of this innermost sphere and reads, Her eyes flaring with the intensity of two stars. This part of Sceptrum is too bright for normal eyes - its denizens are primeval and unseeing. The outer edge of this core faces inward and is dotted with caves, water, grass, primitive life - though none of it exactly resembles what one of Jehovah's children would recognize - everything is somehow more geometric and less random. There is nothing purely organic here - everything is machinelike; engineered. The pools of water, the cave network within the mountains and the voids in the plains all lead to the next, slightly younger sphere, or "ring". This next ring contains the first attempts at civilization - the population is barbaric and the architecture crude, but more civilized than the insectile residents of the core. Fire has been discovered, and tiny coils of smoke ascend into the sky, which is merely the inner sphere. Water pours from the pools in the sky, and light flows in from Uthrasa's eyes - just enough obscured to make this ring perpetually sunny. And so it goes as one travels outward, innumerable times: the technology becomes more advanced, the exploitation of the natural environment becomes more pronounced, the air becomes more polluted, the civilization becomes more refined and the natural light from their Goddess becomes less abundant. Indeed, the residents of the outer rings are far enough removed from Uthrasa that many do not believe She exists at all. The outermost "ring" of Sceptrum is not a contained layer like the others, but the outer skin of the sphere itself. Entirely lit by artificial means, this highly advanced race of beings has puzzled out how to travel in the "space" beyond the sphere.

For a very long time, Uthrasa was the youngest of the sibling Gods until the birth of Puer Hostiæ, and she is sometimes still referred to as "Baby Sister" by her kin. From the moment of Her inception, She has been possessed by an all-consuming compulsion for the acquisition of knowledge. Her need to gain and catalogue that knowledge caused Her siblings to call Her "The Librarian" as She grew more mature. As She became more sure of Her creative power, that informal title has changed to "The Inventor"- She's converted the acquisition of knowledge to the application of it. But just as most children face the moment in their lives where their innocence is cast aside, tragedy struck and Uthrasa was forced to adapt. She is once again the youngest Excubia, after the wrathful Carnifice took the life of the Infant, Puer Hostiæ.  This tragedy crushed Uthrasa, and for all Her knowledge, She knew there was no way to resurrect a god. So She resolved to make sure it Carnifice would never again have an opportunity to slay any of Their siblings. She resolved to slay Him first. Thus began the ongoing feud between Sceptrum and Lacerandam; Uthrasa and Carnifice. Uthrasa has become obsessed with the knowledge of warfare, and has concentrated Her efforts on that front. Sceptrum has changed as well, to reflect the more martial nature of its master. The military outnumbers the citizenry on many rings, particularly the outer ones. After millennia of skirmishes with Lacerandam, Uthrasa has reached a decisive moment - will She press the advantage in an attempt to destroy her villainous brother, or will She redirect her considerable resources to attempt to stop the incursion of The Great Nameless's forces into Aurae at Lilith's direction?