Gen Con wrapup

11728943_900849823325872_8119983672273484478_o With Gen Con now in the rearview (and *almost* being caught up on sleep), I thought now would be a great time to put my thoughts down. Firstly, it was a great trip. After the initial headache of dealing with the process of signing up, queuing for hotels, sorting out badges, canceling things, reserving new things, etc. etc. etc., I had a great time. Putting the stress behind me and concentrating on the fun I was actually having was fantastic. Secondly, the playtesting experience was very positive. While I wish I had longer time slots, so my players could see all facets of gameplay emerge, we did have enough for them to get the general gist of the game. Overwhelmingly, the feedback received from players was glowing. Lots of people stopped and looked at the game laid out on the table, with several compliments. We even had a few stop and snap some pictures. There was even a rumor that one of my players worked in the industry and was impressed with the game!

I was able to see a few patterns emerge, and we have our sights set on a couple of tweaks to address them. Clarifications, slight shifts in rules to make them more intuitive and things of that nature. But overall, I'm very encouraged we have a solid design and are moving down the right path.

In fact, we've come to the decision that the next logical step for testing The Great Nameless is an open playtest. We'll make sure we make the announcement when it happens, but look for it within a week or so. We're going to upload some PDFs, and we hope to get plenty of you enterprising playtesters to download, cut and assemble your own copies of the game, read the rules, and run a bunch of playtests with your friends!

Exciting times, friends! :)