Arkhangel: the Great Nameless - "Defenders of the Realm"

An army of peacekeepers engineered and grown for the express purpose of keeping Sceptrum impregnable.  They are not known for their sense of humor, their observance of social niceties or their tolerance of civil disobedience.  This can sometimes lead to friction among the population of the outer rings, but when it comes to performing their duty, the competence of these shock troops is never questioned.  

We're big fans of Kasey Fleming. So when we knew we were going to need some sci-fi themed artwork, we immediately knew we wanted him to do a piece for us. So we hit him up and, fortunately, he graciously accepted.  He chose the Defenders as the piece he wanted to do, and we couldn't be happier with the result.  Thanks again, Kasey!

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