Arkhangel: the Great Nameless - "The Black Gate"

There are places out there, in the deep crevices of the various planes of existence, where the barriers between Realms are weak. This is most concerning when it's a barrier to Primo Regni, and truly dangerous when there are those that actively work to open these doors. We knew this card would be a visual representation of our Big Nasty, Z'xhuul. And we knew we wanted to get it right, so we turned toward an artist that we really admire: Torren Thomas (seriously, check out his caricature work, it'll blow your mind).  It was a shot in the dark, really, we didn't know if he'd be into it, but we lucked out and he was! And we are absolutely stoked about the final product.  In fact, you'll be seeing this piece show up all over the place as we get closer to ready for the crowdfunding campaign!


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