...And a Happy New Year!

Hopefully the hangovers have subsided, the resolutions haven't been broken yet, and you all remember where you work.

Out here in Kansas, it's colder than a well digger's derriere, which is alright because it's a good environment to bundle up and hammer away at the checklist for Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars.

As Zack stated in the holiday update, we have a bunch of goals for 2018 (I didn't even bother with a personal resolution, because I knew these professional goalposts were going to be all-consuming!).

With artwork pretty much complete, and the overall structure of the game in place (I actually saw the ending in-game for the first time on December 21st, which is Winter Night, appropriately enough), my days are now all about playthroughs, bug reporting, lore writing, and dialogue polish.

Zack's really hitting it hard.  He took off the last couple of weeks of 2017 and worked on Arkhangel non-stop.  The professional sound designer is finally adding sound design to the game!  Yay!

And, as before, the Great Nameless is essentially a finished, complete tabletop board game.  We've had playable prototypes for almost two years, and we have been done with playtesting for quite awhile.  Now we just demo it.  Our decision was to hold off on the Kickstarter campaign until after Arkhangel: the House of the Seven Stars was released on the various distribution channels for Mac/PC.  We didn't want too much competition between the two products on our social media channels.  So if that's your jam, keep your eyes peeled and we'll start talking about it more and more after we get done with our point & click adventure!

Stay warm out there!