Winter Night Games will be at BGGCon!


The holidays are almost upon us!  Besides watching horror movies all throughout October, buying elastic-waisted pants for November, shipping a massive update to our original point & click adventure game, Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars, and already dreading Christmas shopping, it's *also* been a pretty busy time for our table top game, The Great Nameless!

We attended RinCon in Tucson at the end of September, Archon in St Louis in mid-October, and this weekend we hit BGGCon in Dallas, TX!

So if you were at the either of the first two cons, it was very nice to meet you! If you are at BGGCon, come and say hi!  We'll be wandering the hall Friday and we'll be at the Indy Booth Saturday afternoon, and we'd be happy to demo the game for you, or just give you a fist bump.

Looking forward to 48 straight hours of gaming!

~Josh & Zack