A pivotal milestone

Hello all, I had an odd moment last night and I wanted to share.  I reached the moment in the development for our point & click adventure game, Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars where I could see the finish line...albeit briefly:

Just three little words (well...two words and an acronym).  I had just wired up the three different endings and triggered the final (and temporary) dialogue call.  Then I played through the three different endings and IT WORKED.

Like...whoah, dude.

I realized that this has been a journey that started about five (!) years ago (a bit more if you count the initial short story idea that I had in 2003).  It was a little emotional/overwhelming/exciting/terrifying.

That's great!  So does that mean you're done?

Oh god!  OH GOD!!  No, not yet.  There's still a ton to do...but this is one of those *big* milestones in a project.

What's next then?


What the F is Alpha?!

Good question!  Alpha basically means that the game is there.  All of the pieces and systems are in place, the full flow of the game is represented, and I can basically play the game from start to finish in a very rough fashion.

There are still placeholder/missing assets, some puzzles aren't finalized, cinematics are basically just text explanations or rough animatics, etc...Basically, all of the BIG stuff is done. Now it's about making it pretty.

Now...I am incredibly close to reaching Alpha.  All of the systems and scenes are there.  I basically need to do a huge consistency pass on the entire game to make sure everything is operating in a stable manner across the board, that all logic is in place to make sure that the game progresses in an expected manner, and that nothing critically breaks on me.  It's basically going to mean I will be playing the game even more than I already am.

Just in terms of visibility; the upcoming milestones for AA:THotSS (still the most ridiculous abbreviation ever) are as follows:

  • Hitting Alpha -- 1/31/2017!
  • Gameplay Trailer!
  • Setting up Steam Greenlight Page!
  • Finalize dialogue script!
  • Begin work on Cinematics!
  • Working with composer Chad Seiter on the musical score!
  • Finalize non-critical systems and puzzle design!

Sooooooo...still so much to do, but it seems as though we're getting closer and closer!  That's exciting!  I'm super pumped to be able to start sharing more progress with you all in the coming weeks/months.

Happy new year, everyone!

Greetings from Winter Night Games!

Hi there!  This is the first official blog post from Winter Night Games!


This might be a question that has sprung to mind.  Glad you asked!  My name is Zack and my brother is Josh.  We are two brothers that decided that we wanted to make games together.  The initial idea for our flagship game sprang from a short story idea that I was kicking around a number of years ago...We would chat about it periodically and think of cool characters, locations, scenarios, etc...but I could never put it in a story format that I really liked.  I don't consider myself to be a traditional writer, but I do know how to tell stories in different formats.

There was a point in 2012 when I was playing through some of the old Sierra On-Line point & click adventure games again and I thought to myself, "Man...I want to do a game like this".  My old short story idea immediately sprang to mind.  I gave Josh a call and gave him a rough outline idea of what I was thinking and he was on board.  The next year or so consisted of writing the story, rewriting the story, prototyping systems within Unity, and basically just figuring out what the hell this game was going to be.  In 2014, we started official "production".

Over the course of our writing stage, we discussed a few additional ideas for our "world" that we were creating and came up with a pretty cool idea for a second project that doesn't live within the digital gaming realm, but IS a part of the mythology that we have created.  It's super exciting.

We aren't completely ready to talk about what those two projects specifically are just yet, but we are getting very close.  In the meantime, both Josh and myself will be blogging here from time to time about what we are up to.  My primary focus will be the point & click adventure whereas Josh will be focusing on the OTHER project (he types ominously, mhuaahauahahahahahaaa!!).

Anyway, we are excited to share what we've been up to, so keep your eyes on this space!