Coming Soon: Elphie's Asteroid Destruction Simulator

Hello all -

Zack here. Apologies for the radio silence as of late. It’s been a difficult few months. Earlier this year, I moved to the UK for work. During the move, it was revealed that my dog of 14 1/2 years was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer. After uprooting our lives and experiencing the most stressful move that I’ve ever been a part of, she started to decline.

On July 18th, Elph passed away in our arms.

In the weeks following, I attempted to keep my mind busy by learning about the Gamemaker engine. I went through a few tutorials and very quickly had a little prototype running. When I wrapped the prototype, I decided to just keep puttering with it to see what else I could do. As I was working on it I thought what would pretty much be the antithesis of previous Winter Night projects? How could I honor my precious mutt? How could I combine the two?

Well…I’m happy to announce that our next project will be coming out very soon and it’s a goofy little thing. I’m calling it, “Elphie’s Asteroid Destruction Simulator”.

Stay tuned.