The Great Nameless

Protect your worshippers.
Unleash divine wrath.
Try to survive.

Take on the role of a god. Build armies to defend your Realm. Work with allied players to shore up your defenses against the forces of The Great Nameless, or attack your foes to weaken them before Its onslaught.

Choose one of four unique Realms and assume the identity of its ruler. Each Realm features a different playstyle, as well as its own unique deck of cards. Seal your Realm against the might of the Great Nameless, the Avatar of Z’xhuul. Destroy the forces that oppose you to gain the most Victory Points before the forces of Primo Regni invade your home!

Key Features:

  • Asymmetric Gameplay

  • Deep, Engaging Fiction

  • Cooperative & Competitive Elements

  • Expandable Game Design

  • Over 150 Unique Pieces of Art

Demo layout of The Great Nameless.

Rules Overview Video by GameSmiths Play Testing: