Coming Soon: Elphie's Asteroid Destruction Simulator

Hello all -

Zack here. Apologies for the radio silence as of late. It’s been a difficult few months. Earlier this year, I moved to the UK for work. During the move, it was revealed that my dog of 14 1/2 years was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer. After uprooting our lives and experiencing the most stressful move that I’ve ever been a part of, she started to decline.

On July 18th, Elph passed away in our arms.

In the weeks following, I attempted to keep my mind busy by learning about the Gamemaker engine. I went through a few tutorials and very quickly had a little prototype running. When I wrapped the prototype, I decided to just keep puttering with it to see what else I could do. As I was working on it I thought what would pretty much be the antithesis of previous Winter Night projects? How could I honor my precious mutt? How could I combine the two?

Well…I’m happy to announce that our next project will be coming out very soon and it’s a goofy little thing. I’m calling it, “Elphie’s Asteroid Destruction Simulator”.

Stay tuned.


Arkhangel Maintenance Patch: August 17th, 2019

Hey all!

Just a quick note to let you know we pushed a small update to Arkhangel. This is more of a quality of life/maintenance patch than anything. Here's a brief rundown:

* Fixed an audio oddity in the Asylum on Day 1 when you talk with Elizabeth

* Adjusted Gabrielle's dialogue when she's standing in the attic in Day 1 when you are playing as Michael

* Fixed a rare (but potentially evil) save/load bug in Day 6 that could promote a progression issue.

* Provided an additional fix for people that might have already experienced said save/load bug.

Mac OSX, Windows 32-bit, and Windows 64-bit builds all updated.

Have a great weekend,
-Winter Night Games

The Great Nameless Kickstarter Announcement!!

Four Gods. Four Realms. One Endless Engine of Destruction.

It is risen.
The end has come.

The Great Nameless is now on Kickstarter!

Be the first to get your hands on The Great Nameless, our first tabletop game:

  • Each god features its own deck of cards, playstyle and backstory.

  • Each player represents a god who will build armies, equip them with artifacts, and manipulate events in order to strengthen their position on the board.

  • Players will work to Seal their Realms away from invasion by the armies of their mindless, all-powerful creator, Z'xhuul.

  • Or they may instead sabotage each other in the hopes that their opponents will be too weak to withstand the onslaught of Z'xhuul's avatar, The Great Nameless.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign for full details on components and gameplay, backstory and the upgrades we have planned for stretch goals.
You can even watch gameplay videos and download the full rules!

Our crowdfunding campaign has a date!

After several long years of development, attending cons and just trying to put this in front of as many people as possible, we’ve decided it’s time to pull the trigger on going to Kickstarter with The Great Nameless. Now that Arkhangel is out in the world, we wanted to get the companion piece out there as well!

Hope to see you in March.

<3 Josh

It’s been a long time coming, but assigning a date makes everything seem so much more real!

It’s been a long time coming, but assigning a date makes everything seem so much more real!