Aurae_icon The first sentient being stepped from Z'Zuul's mystical ether: Jehovah, The All-Father. The Great Paladin. Jehovah wanted a reality to call his own, and so He created Aurae. His next desire was to create life, and so He created Lucifer.  Pleased with His creation, He created an entire host of angels like Lucifer to keep him company.

In time, The Great Nameless created other beings like Jehovah, who in turn created their own Realms and progeny.  Jehovah became captivated by another of these Excubiae: Lilith. She eventually fell in love with Him as well and They retired to Her home, Eden, for a time. Here, They created the first of the human race and infused Adam and Eve with Their combined love. Lilith wanted Their children by Her side in Eden, but as a token of Her devotion to Jehovah, She insisted that the rest of mankind should live in Aurae.  For humanity's home, Jehovah chose a small corner called earth.

Growing His brood became an obsession for Jehovah, and He all but forgot about His first son, who soon fell into a cloud of self-righteous envy.  Lucifer traveled to Eden, far from Jehovah's sight, and manipulated Adam and Eve.  They disobeyed Jehovah.  Disobedience was a foreign concept to Jehovah, and it was one He could not abide.  He exiled them to Primo Regni. Lilith, enraged, retaliated: She banished Jehovah from Eden and barred the gate behind Him, vowing to rescue Her children from the void.

Grief-stricken over what He'd done to His most precious offspring, Jehovah went into seclusion, silent and unresponsive to His angelic host and mortal disciples alike. In Jehovah's absence, Lucifer fomented discord among the Heavenly Host.

Cain and Abel were the first of Jehovah's earthbound mortal children and, like the rest of mankind, were blissfully unaware of the preceding celestial events.  They were simple, happy children and were fiercely devoted to each other. From a distance, Jehovah looked on with pride at His little ones… although that pride was offset with remorse anytime He gazed upon Abel's beautiful face.  Jehovah had created Abel in his Mother's image.

The gate that connected Aurae and Eden shuddered. Jehovah arrived at the gate to find the Seal broken. Eden lay beyond it in ruin. Lilith stood at the gate, tall and defiant, but Her vitality a shadow of what it once was. All sanity had fled Her. She glared at Jehovah and snarled, "The Exultation of Z'Zuul is at hand. You have betrayed It, You have betrayed Me and You have betrayed Your children. You belong to The Great Nameless, as do We all."

With that, She vanished.

Jehovah sheltered Cain and Abel, vowing never to let anything happen to them.

Satisfied that the boys were safe from harm, Jehovah traveled through the unsealed gate to Eden in an attempt to find His wife. In His absence, He did not see the changes that were taking place in Cain. The boy, once unflinchingly loyal to his brother, became treacherous. Once peaceful and mild, he became violent and hateful.

Jehovah stepped through the Gate from Eden and was faced with the shattered remains of sweet Abel. Cain stood over the body of his brother. Normally unaware of his Father's protective presence, Cain looked Him directly in the eye and smirked.

Jehovah recognized that smirk.

He ripped Lilith's essence from Cain, who no longer had a mind or soul of his own - he had been reduced to a brutish, primitive creature.  Lilith took the boy by the hand and evaporated into the winds, laughing malevolently.

Lucifer scoffed at Jehovah's grief, finally gaining the full focus of His attention. This began the War in Heaven. Father and Son fought not just for the rule of earth, but all of Aurae, each with an army of angels at their backs.

Ultimately, Jehovah was victorious. Lucifer was captured by Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel and was brought before the All-Father in chains made from stars. Lucifer sobbed, filled with despair and frustration. Jehovah finally saw the pain that He had inflicted on his first son, His prince.

He stepped forward to embrace His son but at that moment, the remainder of the Legion of Lucifer appeared, mobbing Jehovah and His Host.

Lucifer's eyes flashed with rage.

Jehovah raised His hand.

The legions stopped in their tracks, the angels held their weapons in midair, and Jehovah held His son. He whispered into his ear, "I'm sorry…my son".

He then cast Lucifer out of his kingdom forever.

Lucifer fell from Heaven like a fiery comet. The Morning Star and his army of angels fell through Aurae and into the depths of Lacerandam below.

And with that, Jehovah left the rest of His progeny, without a word. They have been stranded in Aurae ever since, lost and without guidance.

Full title: The Assumption of the Virgin Artist: Francesco Botticini Date made: probably about 1475-6