Eden was created as an ultimate paradise by the Excubia Lilith. While most of Her siblings had taken to experimenting with the creation of life, She was drawn more to the beauty of landscapes, and built Eden accordingly. She had a love for all things beautiful, and created a lush reality filled with the most breathtaking flora in any of the Realms. When She was satisfied, She filled her home with beautiful, majestic fauna as well. The other Excubiae took to calling her Realm "The Garden".

Lilith and Jehovah fell in love and created life together. With what Jehovah had learned from creating the angelic choir and what Lilith had learned from creating all manner of beasts of the forest, They created the first of the human race in Eden - the first form of life blessed with truly free will. They had created the First Gemini: Adam and Eve. Adam in Jehovah's image, Eve in Lilith's.

For a time, the four of them lived as a family in Eden. During this period, Lucifer watched as his Father became obsessed with His humans. He grew jealous and slipped past the Gate to the Garden. While the Father and Mother took a journey to Aurae, to populate it with their newly created race of beings, Lucifer took the form of a serpent and planted the first seeds of rebellion in the children. He whispered lies, half-truths and exposed secrets to them. When he felt satisfied with his manipulation, he melted into the shadows to watch.

Jehovah had given the twins only one instruction, meant to test their obedience. They eventually disregarded His directive and ate the forbidden fruit. Jehovah, sensing their defiance, returned to Eden and saw what they had done. Jehovah turned His back to His children and dispatched his lieutenant Michael, who raised his flaming sword and banished Adam and Eve from Eden. He cast them back to Primo Regni, the void from which nothing returns.

Lilith, arriving too late to intervene, screamed in rage and turned Her wrath on Jehovah. She attacked Him, cast Him from Eden and sealed the gate. Lucifer remained behind and whispered to Lilith with his serpentine tongue. Though Lilith was far too powerful and intelligent to be manipulated by Lucifer, She was consumed with anguish. She welcomed his words, for they distracted Her from Her grief.

She became convinced that if She was able to just open the gate to Primo Regni, She could resurrect her children - and if She was unsuccessful, at least She would rejoin them. As she broke through the Seal to Primo Regni, Z'Zuul's essence poured through Eden.

Paradise was ripped to pieces.

Lilith saw the remains of Her children attached to the bosom of Z'Zuul and it shattered Her sanity. She reached for them, weeping. Her children, writhing blindly only moments before, recognized Her. The three of them touched hands, and The Great Nameless left the ruined Eden as swiftly as It had entered. The Seal remained behind, damaged, but now inaccessible to Lilith.

She was resolved to regain Her babies and immediately knew what She would do: She would take Jehovah's children in Aurae. All of them. She would destroy His progeny, extinguish His arrogance and make Him weep at Her feet. Then, She would access Primo Regni from his Realm and let Z'zhuul take them all.

She sneered, and made Her way to Aurae... and the serpent followed.